Stealing content is one of the easiest things someone can do on the internet. It can happen that you own a website and hire someone off a freelancing platform to write content for you, but it’s going to be difficult to find out whether you’re paying for original content or not. And if you’re caught posting plagiarized content, you can easily get in legal trouble. And if you write your content yourself, there is probably someone out there plagiarizing your content and profiting from your intellectual work.

Fortunately, there are plagiarism detectors that can detect plagiarized content on autopilot. Plagiarism detectors, or plagiarism checkers, are software that use advanced database technology and complex keyword analysis to find matches between your content and existing content pieces around the web.

A plagiarism detector does this first by crawling and indexing web content much like a search engine algorithm would do, then it scans your text for similarities with the content it indexed.

The software will then list matches it found and will identify as “exact matches” those matches that are identical to your text and as “non-exact matches” those matches that are paraphrased from your text. Finally, it will highlight the plagiarized text with a plagiarism percentage, and will list the sources plagiarizing your work.

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